Contender or Pretender?


Contender or Pretender?

With Jose Aldo pulling out of his scheduled July showdown against Conor McGregor due to a cracked rib, fight fans will have to remain patient to find out if the brash, loud mouth and arrogant Irishman is really the “Notorious One”. Bad blood has has fueled near riots at press conferences around the globe and McGregor has gone as far as snatching the belt from the champs hands. It looks like UFC fanatics and fight fans around the world will just have to wait until the fight is rescheduled for sometime in October.

McGregor who is either loved or hated by all is not about to sit on the sidelines. In steps Chad Mendes who sports an impressive record of 17-2, with his only defeats handed to him by the man they call “Scarface”, Jose Aldo. On July 11 UFC189 will answer many questions. The one question that all sports fans want to know is Conor McGregor a contender or pretender?

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McGregor is going to walk over Mendes paving way for the biggest fight in the history of the MMA McGregor vs Aldo. This will actually help ppv buys and the promotion of the fight. I am sure Aldo will be ringside and we will probably see another WWE act following McGregros win. That being said, I think Aldo is the pound4pound king and will take McGregor to school.

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