Pound4Pound™ is clothing apparel for champions. Wear what Champions wear, be a Pound4Pound™ winner in all things in life. Our brand identity is associated with fitness, fun, and excellence, which are some of the most important aspects in our society. It’s not just about being a top notch clothing line, it’s about making a difference. We want to communicate with our fans and apparel wearers. What makes our business unique is our patrons. We care about the people that wear our clothes, and want to give them the quality and confidence to feel like they are the best pound 4 pound fighter in life. Our philosophy is that no one should ever give up and should always keep working to obtain their dreams. Our company is not just clothes…it’s a state of mind. It’s what makes Pound4Pound™ unique, and in a world of billions of other clothing companies we will always stand out because of our dedication to you. Speak with us by sending questions or comments.

Steven Heid

--- CEO & Founder ---
Pound4Pound™ is not just a hobby, but a life long dream. To be the best you have to set goals, work hard and never give

Jayme Bashian

--- CFO ---
You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough. Powerful thinking leads to powerful results! Always inspire and never give up.